Teacher Pipeline

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San Francisco's Teacher Pipeline Challenge

It's no secret that the greater Bay Area, and San Francisco in particular, are in the midst of a historic teacher shortage. While there is no shortage of college students or talented adults in every sector interested in working with children or making a difference in their communities, they face the stark economic reality that most urban public school districts can not pay them salaries that make living in the communities where they want to teach truly sustainable.

At Gateway, we're committed to paying our teachers a livable wage that reflects their multiple degrees, credentials, years of experience and impact on the community. Moreover, we’re committed to supporting educators at every phase of their career in their ongoing work to master their craft, and collaborating with educators both near and far for the benefit of all public school students.

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annual teacher retention (2x the national average!)

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higher teacher salaries than comparable California public schools

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10 Years

average Gateway teacher tenure (3.5 times higher than national average for similar public schools)

Teacher Induction

Gateway provides a state-certified, in-house Induction Program for all new teachers. Over two years, educators receive extensive on the job mentoring and feedback while on the job in their classrooms, learning to reflect on their practice, use student data effectively, and leverage their own unique strengths as an educator. 

At the end of the successful two-year process, a teacher’s credential is “cleared,” ending their probationary period – a significant professional milestone! Ultimately, the program aims to produce teachers who can not only plan and deliver engaging lessons, but who are uniquely suited to respond to the needs of a diverse student body and interrupt unjust patterns of achievement. 

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Gateway Impact

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In 2018, Gateway Public Schools launched Gateway Impact, an initiative to produce and share high-quality professional development resources and events for public school teachers who work with diverse student populations. Via downloadable lesson plans, live webinars, annual conferences and more, Gateway Impact is building a network of educators who are committed to working together for the benefit of all young people in public schools.