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Anti-Racism @ Gateway Public Schools

For over two decades, Gateway Public Schools have been committed to preparing an incredibly diverse student body with the skills and mindsets necessary to create a more just world. In order to make that a reality, we are required as educators and as a school community to acknowledge the ways in which public schools have traditionally been used to further white supremacist norms and policies, and interrogate the ways in which white supremacy and anti-Blackness can continue to operate in education.

We are firmly committed to fighting systemic racism both within and beyond our campuses, and to developing students who will continue that work as young adults. To that end we:

  • Implement evidence-based, developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive teaching methods in which we explicitly teach about identity development, diverse cultures, and anti-racism.
  • Provide opportunities for students to engage in identity, diversity, and social justice work both in and out of the classroom, alongside supportive faculty in a variety of contexts.
  • Encourage student voice, choice, and community action through an educational approach centered on student agency, restorative justice, and intentional community-building.
  • Work alongside families from a lens of inclusion, partnership and humility, with the belief that they are the first, best experts on their children and co-architects of our school community.

A Member of The Diverse Charter Schools Coalition

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Since 2020, Gateway has been a member of the selective Diverse Charter Schools Coalition, a national network of more than 70 charter schools committed to recruiting, enrolling, and serving a diverse and integrated student body reflective of their broader community. Schools accepted into the coalition have a proven track record of thoughtful work to promote high academic outcomes for students of all backgrounds; hire and train a diverse group of teachers and leaders; create a school culture in which all students and families feel welcomed, respected, and included; and confront institutional racism.

Faculty Affinity Groups

Gateway faculty work throughout the year on anti-racist, equity-centered initiatives in professional development and ongoing meetings related to their roles. Staff  are also invited to opt-in to a faculty affinity group to collaborate, reflect and develop anti-racist measures for their classroom or the broader community via:

  • BIPOC Faculty Affinity Group - for BIPOC-identifying faculty 
  • White Anti-Racist Teacher Group - for white practitioners eager to critically examine their own practice
  • Equity Inventory Team - Faculty representatives tackling school-wide equity issues

Student Affinity Groups

Just as it’s important for students to connect around shared hobbies or career interests, we also believe they need and deserve the opportunity to connect with classmates with whom they share an identity. Student-led affinity groups serve as both social spaces and groups to work on campus or community-wide social justice initiatives, depending on member interests. 

GHS is currently home to 10 different affinity groups, GMS offers three, and any student can start a new one with the help of a faculty advisor:

  • Black Student Union (BSU)
  • Latinx Student Union (LSU)
  • Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA)
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
  • Many more!
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