Internships at Gateway High School

Exposure Matters

Gateway's internship program allows students to explore careers of interest, gain professional experience, build their resumes, make contacts and references for the future, and get a taste of where their education may take them. 

Most internships take the shape of students interning for 2-hours a week for 8 weeks. Intern hosts typically have interns assist with day-to-day operations and special projects, observe how the company operates and give interns an introduction into different careers. 

Gateway provides the support necessary to set both the student and internship host up for success and takes great care in mindfully assigning students to internship opportunities that are a strong fit.

Where have Gateway Students Interned?

Gateway students have served as interns in a wide variety of settings, including: 

 Active Care Physical  Therapy

 Arizmendi Bakery



 HCA Accounting

 Kathleen Welsh,  MD

 Maxine Hall Health  Center

 Presidio Way Veterinarian  Hospital


 Rothman Dentistry

 San Francisco's Public  Defender's Office

 San Francisco Toyota

 Supervisor London  Breed

Supervisor Sandra Lew Fewer


 Tasting Panel  Magazine

 ValueAct Capital

 Wells Capital