Student Life

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Student Life at GHS

At Gateway we know that what happens in students’ lives outside the classroom is just as important, if not more so, than what happens within one. Whether they’re seeking support with an academic challenge or mental health concern, have dreams of athletic stardom, or are looking for a new place to make friends, there are a number of opportunities available for GHS students to enrich their high school experience.

College and Career Services

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Gateway's college counseling program helps to ensure that all students successfully navigate the college preparation and admissions process. In the spring of their junior year, students take the first part of a college counseling course where they explore careers, majors, different colleges, and prepare for the SAT. During their senior year, students take the second part of the college counseling course where they are guided through the admission process, essay writing, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities. In addition, Career Days, internship opportunities, college campus visits and many more opportunities ensure students are receiving consistent, positive messages and support around their college dreams.

Academic and Mental Health Support

Tutoring is offered free of charge for all students, five days a week in the Study Cafe. Students can get help with specific subject areas or with general study skills such as homework management, organization, and test preparation. Looking fo a little more support? GHS’ Learning Center is available to all students who need additional support, whether they receive formal special education services or not. Our vision is that of a learning community where all learners have access to the resources they need to thrive without shame or stigma. Learn More.

Resources are also available to support student mental-health and well-being. The Student Support Office is available from 8:30AM-4:00PM each day and offers both formal and informal counseling sessions, peer mediation, assistance with basic daily needs, community resources, and more.

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